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Inner Peace, Inner Strength

I believe that as we journey through our lives, our main focus is to find inner peace from our surroundings, situations and selves. A satisfaction and contentment.

And the more we experience in life, the more strength we accumulate, allowing us to discover and understand harmony in any instance that greets us. An acceptance and appreciation.

I don’t believe that this is exclusive to any certain passion. But I do believe that runners take to the roads or head to the trails to find their inner strength and inner peace to make life more enjoyable and to find clarity in a cluttered world.

I find this evident with myself when I compare my mental well being to days that I do run verses days that I do not. The equanimity of every day life seems in balance when I run just an hour out of the 24 that are available each day. The scales are heavily askew on rest days even though 1 out of 24 shouldn’t equate to a balance to begin with.

But that one hour is enough for my soul to feel peaceful and to have the strength to dust myself off when contentment washes over contention from the unpleasantness that sometimes arises in life.

Each run is a journey in itself, congruent to life as a whole. Each run is an opportunity to further develop my inner peace towards myself and the world around me. Each run deepens my strength to hold on to the fact that life is beautiful and frightening at the same time.

The saying that “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you” is both agreeable and refreshing when viewed post run compared to prior.

I believe my journey of running is my peace of mind towards meaning and fulfillment. Running is my inner peace, my inner strength.






The Last Road to a 100

“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart.”- unknown¬†

There will never be an end, until the end.

Life is full of highs and lows. Often times these come unexpected and duration can never be predicted. It’s in how we deal with these ups and downs that make them worthwhile.

It’s about the attitude we choose to use in life that signifies whether it was a positive or negative experience.

And the only certainty in life is that there will always be highs and lows just like the cyclical patterns of the changing tides. Most likely they will be less frequent, but there will always be a rise and there will always be a fall.

We have to accept that fact.

It would be inhuman to think that you will always be happy or that we will always feel a certain way.

There are so many feelings on the emotional spectrum and it is only natural to go through them.

I have used running as my middle ground to sort through my life journey. Things seem to make more sense while I’m running or after I have finished a run.

I absolutely love the clarity that running brings to me.

Sharing my inner thoughts on here has been wonderful but I know from personal experience that the only way to learn and grow is through your own personal experience. It’s easy to sit and read what I have done and what I have thought, but do you as a reader truly learn anything?

I don’t want to sound cynical but I don’t think so.

And as I mentioned earlier there will always be highs and lows. I have accepted that. With that in mind, there are only so many ways to express how I feel about running. There are only so many ways to interpret the lessons I have learned while going through my own journey.

This will be a lifelong journey.

At some point it will become redundant, for you and for me.

I choose running, or it has chosen me, to be the means of passionate transportation down my own path. Through that, it defines me as a person and it is my metaphorical guide to the book of my life.

I am on this journey from my head to my heart. I have no idea where I am along this journey but I can tell you that I have a ways to go.

I believe that the best way to finding the balance and peace within, you need to live in the present moment. You need to live now, to be fully alive.

Lately, I have worked on being more mindful of my thoughts and actions. Wondering why I do certain things or think a certain way.

Something I have pondered on is why I, and others, feel the need to share our own unique stories.

A lot of times I worry that the reason I do share my life is to increase my self-esteem. That might sound a little dark, but before you post something to the world, sit and think why you are doing that. What inner purpose does it serve?

Life can be long or it can be short, but if you aren’t living in the present, then what’s the point?

As I have become more present with myself and my surroundings, I have found the need to share my journey less important. It’s distracting. And I hope everyone starts to think in the same way.

Just live.

Live and grow your own way.

I am glad I was able to project my evolution over the last few years with everyone but I know that it is time to move on from this.

It’s time to close this chapter and look forward to the horizon of another era. New adventures and new achievements.

This won’t be the end of my running, but this will be the end of Road to a 100 after my next 100 miler. I’ll continue to do ultras and other 100s, but I won’t have any need to document my ups and downs along the way.

Because my experience doesn’t translate to your experience. You have to find that on your own.

You, me, we. We have to go out and live. Not here, online. But out there, in the world.

“You can’t live at all, unless you can live fully, now.” -Alan Watts

Your Path

Follow your path.

The destination is all the same for everyone here, you might as well make your journey as unique, incredible and worthwhile as possible. Follow your curiosity from one thing to the next. If material possessions are weighing you down, rid yourself of them to be free to do whatever you please. Don’t let your current situation hold you back from being who you are meant to be. Don’t be scared to fly, to open up, to live life on your own terms. Everyone who has broken free was scared too. They’re on the other side of fear, cheering you on with a helping hand and a guiding voice to let you know that the views are amazing and that everything will be just fine if you step out of the cage. Life is never easy no matter which direction you choose, so you might as well choose your own path. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. See where they take you. You won’t be disappointed. Trust in yourself. Trust that everything will be fine and that everything will work out. Out there is a world so beautiful. So beautiful you can’t even fathom. Whatever it is that you want or want to do, I say go for it. It is your story, your journey. Remember, the destination is the same for everyone, so there’s no need to dwell on it. Dwell on the possibilities of what could or might happen. If everything happens for a reason, then your reason for being alive is to…

Follow your path.






Next Steps


This morning I was watching the sunrise in Key West, FL. Now, as I’m writing this, I’m in Atlanta for the moment. And early tomorrow morning I’ll be on the road to Wyoming to spend the summer as a hiking guide.

Though it has been three days since I finished the 100 miler, I still feel absolutely beat. My head feels extremely tired and I’ll a want to do is sleep! Since I will be on the move tomorrow, I am not sure when I’ll have time to write my race report. The first moment I get some down time, I’ll put my words to paper.

The long drive will give me plenty of time to collect my thoughts too! I’m still replaying the race in my head and feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. I’m almost speechless as to how to describe the race as a whole. It was such an incredible, humbling, difficult and exhilarating experience.

When I crossed the finish line, I was greeted with a champagne shower, birthday cake and my first beer in 6 months.

I want to thank everyone that has been part of this. Even though we never physically have met, it still means a lot to have people with you along the way. We all have our different goals and it’s wonderful we have such a cool community of runners. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all of the kind words and support!

(About mile 45. Eating watermelon. And this was the first shade I got of the day.)

(After finishing. About to chow on some cake.)

Georgia On My Mind

“Well I’ve been down to Georgia.
I’ve seen the streets in the West.
I’ve driven down the 90, hell I’ve seen America’s best.
I’ve been through the Rockies, I’ve seen Saskatoon.
I’ve driven down the highway 1 just hopin’ that I’d see you soon.

Cause I’m comin’ home. I’m comin’ home.” -City and Colour Comin’ Home

I was exhausted. All that traveling and driving wiped me out, but I was still giddy from the amazing side adventure that we just did. Looking ahead though, I didn’t know what to do. Corey asked a few times if I had heard back from any jobs I had applied to or if that apartment complex got back with me. No was all I could say. I had to figure something out though. I still had a decent amount of money to buy me time until I found a job. But then again what if moving West doesn’t work out? Would I rather go home broke or with some cash?

I did some light job searching the next few days. Nothing panned out. A big part of me just wanted to be home in my own bed. I was feeling a bit burned out from all of the driving around. After much thought, I decided later that week I was going to pack up and head back home to Georgia. Jon was ready to leave too. He had a girlfriend back in Florida that he was ready to see again. He decided he was gonna leave the same day that I planned on. The next few days were spent in good company. Just taking it easy and drinking local brews.

After making my farewells the night before, I was on the road again in the morning. It was a little weird leaving Denver. I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna tell everyone that I had told I was moving. But to be by myself again felt pretty good again too. Having the time to reflect on the past month was much needed. With the mountains in my rear view mirror, I was ready to be on my way home. The day brought me clear skies and warm temps. Perfect for having the windows down and music blasting. I booked a hotel in St. Louis that night, to split the trip up. Jon had left a few hours after me, but decided he was gonna try and make it home in one shot.

I got to my hotel room that night. I shaved my beard that I had been growing since I had left. I had a huge bed all to myself. How amazing that felt! Laying there in my boxers I realized that it was actually the first time I was just in my boxers since I had left home a month ago. Oh it’s the little things in life. I slept in that morning with no rush really to get home since I only had about 8 hours to go. Which after all I had driven the past month, seemed like such a small time. Jon text me that morning saying he stopped for a few hours to sleep, but made it home in Georgia already.

I hopped back in the car and continued on with my air drumming on the steering wheel. Just enjoyed the last stretch of the trip. State line after state line. Getting closer and closer to Georgia. I was driving over the Tennessee River and just as I crossed it on the bridge, it felt like I had driven smack into a wall of humidity. When you live in the South, you usually can’t go more than a few hours without someone mentioning how miserable the humidity is that day. It is bad. You walk out of your house to your car and within a few seconds you can have pit stains. But for some reason this time feeling it, it was welcoming. It’s something you hate living in, but once you’ve gone away and come back you realize it’s part of who you are and how you grew up. It made me realize I was back home in the South.

Just then I was really excited about going home. Seeing my family in Montana during the trip made me realize how great family can actually be. So I was excited to see my parents. And it had been a month since I saw my girlfriend too! Even though things were shaky I was ready to get home to her too.

A few hours later I made my way in my drive way. The journey was over. For some reason I thought my parents would have a big meal ready for me or something. They had already eaten out for dinner and were watching tv. I gave my girlfriend a call if she had eaten or wanted to see me. But she kind of blew me off, which resulted in our worst fight yet. Feeling a little un-welcomed already.

I went back out and got some fast food to go. I unloaded my car after I got home and finished eating. Beat from another day of driving, I slumped into my bed that night and slept late into the morning.

(Night is falling. I’m in the middle crouched next to the creek. This was taken on a camping trip that everyone went on. Jon, Corey, Justin, Jon’s brother Eric and his girlfriend were there)