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Strength Training: Jumping Lunges

Alright folks. I’m going to start posting strength training exercises that will help improve your running by strengthening key areas that are specific to running.

First up are jumping lunges. These will target the quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes and hips. Another bonus is that jumping lunges will give you a cardio workout.

The video is a perfect example on how to do them.

Some tips to think about when you do these… make sure that with your forward leg, the quad is parallel to the ground. Also use your arms as if you are running. So when your left leg is out your right arm is up.

Try to add these 2-3 times a week during your routine. Maybe do them after your run since your muscles will be warmed up.

Start with doing one set for 20-30 seconds. Then add another set after 1-2 weeks. Over time get to where you are comfortable doing 2 x 1 minute of jumping lunges 2-3 times a week.

Not gonna lie, these will burn like hell at first! Think about quality over quantity for these. Take it slow, get the feel for them and don’t get sloppy with them.

On a related note how are your wall sits going for the February Fitness Challenge?!


HIIT Workouts

Now that I am getting back into shape, I am wanting to change up my core routine. Thinking back on my last routine bores me. I did 3 sets and each set took about 15 minutes. And I did it 6 days out of the week. With music and social media distractions, this usually dragged out to an hour every time.

It wasn’t a very exciting or fun circuit. Most of it was holding different positions for about a minute then switching to the next. I never really broke a sweat because it was very stationary.

I’m ready to change things up and for the past fews days I’ve done kind of a freestyle HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit with my core exercises. Doing things at a faster pace and taking short rest breaks. It has definitely been more of a workout and I feel like I am getting more out of it. My goal is to do about 30 minutes each day. Less time than before but hopefully get more out of it.

Today I did the following. Each set I did 4 times with about 30 seconds of rest before stating the set again.

Set One:
10 jumping jacks
10 squats
10 hay bales (w/medicine ball)

Set Two:
10 around the worlds (w/medicine ball)
30 seconds of flutter kicks
10 knee thrusts (5 per leg w/medicine ball)

Set Three:
10 lunges
10 seconds of mountain climbers
30 second planks (each set was a plank on different side. Front, back and two sides)

This is all new to me but I seem to love it more than what I was doing in the past.

Anyone else do their core routine in more of a HIIT fashion? Anyone take a HIIT workout class? What are things you do in your routine?

Wall Sit Theory

(This is what I look like after I shave. Image source)

I have this idea that has to do with adding and the duration of wall sits in a workout. So hear me out.

I’m a huge fan of core and strength training exercises. A friend of mine even recently joked that I run as cross training to my core work. I do close to an hours worth a day. Is that a lot?

I can’t be the only one that has felt like my quads were about to blow up at the end of a long race. And it seems like those were the first muscles to go during the really long runs. So here’s my thinking…

For every 10 miles of running in a race, you should do 1 minute of wall sits during your core routine.

If the race is a 50K, then 3 minutes of wall sits. If the race is 50 miles, then 5 minutes of wall sits. For a marathon, do about 2 and a half minutes.

I added wall sits a few months ago, starting with just 30 seconds, and slowly built my way up. I got up to doing 3 x 1 minute leading up to my last 50K. The quads held up very well at the end of the race. I felt doing these had me more prepared and I could tell the pain was pretty minimal at the end of the race compared to the last race I did before adding them.

I have a 50 miler coming up at the end of March and my goal is to get up to doing 5 minutes total of wall sits. Hopefully my theory holds up. If it does, I’ll try to get to doing 10 minutes for the 100 mile race in May.

If you want to add them, I would suggest doing 1 x 30 seconds. Then after a week, add another 30 seconds. Then get to where you can do 3 x 30 seconds. After that start to increase the time, so maybe 40 seconds next and build up to a minute for each rep.

Does anyone do wall sits anymore? Or am I just so old school?…

Can anyone attest to this?