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Life is Beautiful

I think, too often, that many people think of life as something you get by in. Something that just goes by in the blink of an eye because of the monotonous routine designed by modern society.

Real life, truly being alive in adventures and in the dreams of the soul, is viewed as unobtainable to the masses. Life, really being alive and awake, is only a dream to many out there.

Most people just exist in the currents of life and never paddle towards the life meant for them. They drift by without effort to obtain what they want deep down inside.

The world we live in is a remarkable place. Everywhere you turn you will find wonder, somewhere to make you happy, somewhere to make you feel alive. There is so much to explore but so little time that we have.

Life is meant to be lived. It is not something that you just daydream about. It’s something you do.

Life is but a dream. Life is beautiful.

Now go live it.



“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” -Marcus Aurelius

(Image source: Hubble)

I started my run the other day well before sunrise. I drove to a park outside the city limits of Atlanta to get a run in on flat surfaces to get ready for my next race. The park’s path is pea gravel and it isn’t lit by any lights or anything. It made me think about investing in a headlamp because I’m sure I’ll need it a good bit coming up. But I had to just go without any light and wait for the sun to rise.

It was very slow going at first to get my eyes adjusted to the darkness and so I wouldn’t make any false steps. Once I settled into my run, I realized I had a show of stars above me. It was a wonderful moment of light footsteps, easy breathes and distant worlds to ponder.

I noticed a bright orange glow and figured it to be Mars as I gazed. I imagined what Earth would look like from there. Probably just as tiny as it looked to me in that moment. Then all of the sudden my next thought was…

Nothing really matters.

We are absolutely tiny in the universe. We are just a single grain of sand on a beach. If you stop to think about it, nothing really matters compared to how expansive and infinite everything is. Nothing!

So why do we worry? And why do we fear?

We, you and I, are not here long at all. In relative terms, we are alive just a few seconds of the life of the universe. Why spend time doing something you don’t like doing? Why hesitate on chasing your dreams that you’ve been thinking about for years? Why care about what others think? Why not do the impossible? Why fear failure?

Why are we here, but to live our own adventure?

Take the Leap!

So I had the day off work today. Lately I have been doing some day hiking with my days off. But today I decided to do something a bit more exciting! I have always wanted to go skydiving and I figured there is no better time than now.

If you have something you’ve always wanted to do, just do it! Don’t keep putting it off, or else you might never get to do it.

This was such a crazy experience. I loved every second of it! Enough of me talking, check out the video of my jump…