Race Schedule for 2015

April 18th 2015
Desert Rats 50K
Fruita, Colorado
Race Report (4th Overall, 5:11)

May 24th 2015
Rocky Mountain 50K
Laramie, Wyoming
Race Report (6th Overall, 4:40)

June 19th 2015
Bighorn 100
Dayton, Wyoming
Race Report (DNF)

August 22nd 2015
Lean Horse 100
Custer, South Dakota
Race Report (5th Overall, 21:10)

November 17th 2013
Old Glory Trail Trot 50K
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Race Report (2nd overall, 4:57)

February 17th 2014
Destin 50K
Destin Beach, Florida
Race Report (6th overall, 4:47)

March 29th 2014
Croom Fools 50 Miler
Tampa, Florida
Race Report (9th overall, 8:56)

May 17th 2014
Keys 100 Miler
Key West, Florida
Race Report (46th overall, 24:02)

4 thoughts on “Races

  1. davehuseman

    Wow! That’s a lot of long races in a short period of time. I want to do a 100 miler, but I have some other goals that I need to hit first, then I just have to be patient and build up to it. This old body just doesn’t take the miles like it used to. Good luck to you in each of the races. I’ll be anxiously awaiting a race recap from Old Glory!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks! This marathon recap was actually from 2011, so I’ve been building up for a few years. Which I guess is still a little quick. I have just a few more weeks til the Old Glory 50k! So pumped for it


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