Filling the Void

I believe, for myself, that I fall more in love with running the more I need to fill a gap in my life. An emptiness that only another can fill. And when there is no other, the miles become my comfort. Maybe, it’s the discomfort of straining tired muscles or it’s rhythms that each foot step brings, that comforts me.

No matter the pain or pleasure, it’s like a comfort blanket to me. Maybe it’s because I can expect either around any corner or up any hill. Maybe it’s expecting the unexpected while running or it has become, expecting the expected.

I know what running brings me. I know how I’ll feel during and after. It sounds like an addiction and maybe that’s what running is. Just like any other pleasure we chase.

Running is my fallback. It’s Plan A and Plan B at the same time. It’s my passion and it’s my cement to fill the adverse times of sorrow.

It’s a want and a necessity.

And the more it takes up my life, the more I want to do it. Maybe that’s because it distracts my mind compared to when I’m idle. Or maybe it’s because it fulfills my given purpose and temporarily fills the void that others leave behind.

I’m ready to run to and away from the things that I do and don’t want to feel right now. I’m ready for the pain and pleasure. The accomplishment and the satisfaction that every step brings. And for the glory, appreciation and acceptance that running brings to life.

I’m ready.




4 thoughts on “Filling the Void

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks man! Haven’t been running too much lately so I didn’t have much creative flow. Hopefully now with upping the volume I can get the writing gears going again.

  1. Jim Brennan

    I prefer to call it a healthy obsession, but I can definitely can relate, Joey. I’ve asked myself the same question during my lifetime, whether I’m running away from something. I like to look at it as running toward something. As long as you keep moving forward, on the road and in life, you’ll get there. Have a great year, my friend.

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks Jim. I just heard a runner say “ultrarunners are trying to find peace within.” I definitely feel that’s true for me. I know that will be a lifelong journey too. There will be times that I do feel content and that I am moving towards something. And then there will be times where I feel lost and stuck and that I need to run from those things. There will never be an end, until the end. It’s a balance “on the road and in life.” Hope you have a great year too man!


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