Truth or Dare: Sangre de Cristos and Great Sand Dune National Park

This past weekend I had the opportunity to explore the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range as well as the Great Sand Dune National Park.

And while I was waiting with someone Friday afternoon, at the campgrounds, for the others in the group to arrive, we killed time by playing Truth or Dare. Which ended up just being Truth or Truth. But on one of the rare occasions that I said Dare, I was dared to not check any social media accounts for the entire weekend.

Challenge accepted.

I only used my phone for taking pictures. The rest of the weekend was filled with great company, great food, great (box) wine, great runs, great scenery and perfect fall weather.

I was more in the moment because of my dare. And by being in the moment, I believe that the flavors of life become the best in life. Completely immersed in the moment, each moment became the best moment.

Had I accessed any social media accounts, I’m not sure if I would have had any less of a good time. But I know that by not looking at them, this was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. I may have missed out on a good laugh or interesting conversation if I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. Or I may have missed a shooting star or the perfect chance to snap a photo.

Even though it was only a 48 hour cleanse, I find myself wondering why I (and I assume, we as a society) spend so much time using social media. It really is a distraction of life. What’s really the point of using social media except to fuel our egocentric culture?

It’s a great way to misuse our personal alone time and it’s a great way detach yourself from the moments with friends and family, the moments that really matter.

Yes, it does feel a little silly typing all of this and then posting it to this blog.

I hope to spend less time online and more time in tune with my environment. Less time sharing memories and more time collecting them. Hopefully you will do the same…












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