Life is Beautiful

I think, too often, that many people think of life as something you get by in. Something that just goes by in the blink of an eye because of the monotonous routine designed by modern society.

Real life, truly being alive in adventures and in the dreams of the soul, is viewed as unobtainable to the masses. Life, really being alive and awake, is only a dream to many out there.

Most people just exist in the currents of life and never paddle towards the life meant for them. They drift by without effort to obtain what they want deep down inside.

The world we live in is a remarkable place. Everywhere you turn you will find wonder, somewhere to make you happy, somewhere to make you feel alive. There is so much to explore but so little time that we have.

Life is meant to be lived. It is not something that you just daydream about. It’s something you do.

Life is but a dream. Life is beautiful.

Now go live it.


8 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful

    1. Joey Post author

      These were taken on my hike of the Ice Lakes Trail in Silverton, CO. The one of me climbing, I am above the lakes in the saddle between two peaks. The one of my friend is in front of Island Lake.

  1. racingthestates

    I had a conversation similar to this a couple weeks ago…we were wondering if people in the world were indeed truly happy. Or, is everyone just doing what they do (working 9 to 5’s, coming home every day and watching tv, not traveling, not doing anything significant) because it’s ingrained in their minds to just have a family, get a 9 to 5 job, grow old, etc. We ended up on the fact that nobody is truly happy or actually living life as fully as they could (or want to deep down).

    1. Joey Post author

      This originally was gonna be a longer post but I deleted most of it because it sounded too much like a rant. I was hiking all day recently and I realized that as I was taking in the beauty, people were sitting at a desk in a cubicle. How did we let life get like that? It made me realize how wrong society has structured the way of living. We are meant to be outdoors and moving. Not just from the day to day living at working jobs we hate but in the whole sequence of events (get a degree, get a job, get a house, have kids, retire), is wrong. It’s a cage really. And because this is what society views as normal, people do that and not realize they are giving up on truly living and living the life they want deep down.


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