Much Needed

“Movement is the essence of life.” -Bernd Heinrich

Over the last few days I have noticed, from a mental standpoint, how much I need running in my life. I have been witness to a slight deterioration in mental health that I believe to be a result from simply not running. Not moving.

For a few days, I almost felt more lost in life than if I were to actually be lost on a run.

It’s too easy to say what your love is when you have it. But it’s not until you don’t have it, that you realize how much you really need it and appreciate it. Because what you love is part of your identity.

It’s your life.

Your passion is essential to your life. As much as food, water and shelter.

I guess all of this answers if I am mentally ready to get back into running.

I have taken two weeks off from running and the fact that I moved to a trail running town, have combined to create a longing to get back to running.

I recently read in a book, about doing what you love and finding out what motivates you (I believe it is called Drive), that you should take a note card. On the front of it write the answer to the question, “What makes you excited to get up in the mornings?” On the back of it write the answer to the question, “What keeps you up at nights?”

And if you ever feel that life isn’t what it should be, then you remind yourself of your answers and do more of those things.

Running with the sunrise is my answer to the first question.

Though I did not get up that early today, I did begin my recovery process with a short run then a long morning hike. My happiness rebounded from the expansive views, fresh air and great company I had along the way.

And as I look back to earlier in the day, it was perfect and exactly how I wish to spend all of my days.




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