Redemption Road

I took a few days off from running after my DNF and put some deep thought into what I should do next. I was debating taking the summer off. Which was my original plan if I had completed the 100 miler in June. Or I was debating finding another 100 miler and view my DNF as a training run.

A seed was planted in my head.

My running friend, Norb, always talked about a race that he did last year as his first 100 miler.

And when I went back to the finish of the Bighorn 100 with Norb and his family to cheer runners on as they finished, I bumped into a runner that I had met a few weeks prior. He asked how my race went and I told him that I did not finish the race.

He told me he was doing a 100 miler in a few months for his first 100 and told me I should look into it.

On those off days of running, my thoughts kept circling back to that race…the Lean Horse 100 in South Dakota.

As the days went on, my motivation to do the race soared. And like I have said before, if you are thinking about it, that means you want to do it.

I was thirsty for it.

I made the mental decision to commit to it and each morning I woke up with a new found drive. I took a few weeks to ease back into my running routine. And by the time my training peaked, I ran 125 miles in a week. That was on only 6 runs, for an average of about 21 miles per run. My shortest run that week was 14 and longest was 35.

Race is this Saturday. My confidence is extremely high and I feel like I am in the best endurance shape I have ever been in. I am focused and determined, to say the least.

It’s go time.

The road to a 100 continued and I am ready for redemption…

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