Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago I made a quick trip back home to Georgia to visit friends and family. It was nice to get back home for the first time since early November to see familiar faces and familiar places.

I was looking forward to this trip for a few months now and was really excited to get out of Wyoming for a bit.

Living in such a small town right now, compared to where I am from, you quickly realize that you give up a lot to gain certain things. It doesn’t take long to start to miss good restaurants and a variety of restaurants to choose from. You miss big grocery stores with quality produce. You miss entertainment options like concerts, trivia nights and giant movie theatres.

But you do gain more peace of mind. Life is stress free and more relaxed. You have more of the natural world at your fingertips.

You find yourself in complete solitude on single-track trails compared to traffic jams.

Which is what I prefer and what I first noticed when I arrived back in Atlanta. After getting off the plane and then getting off the city’s train system, I emerged onto the streets of midtown Atlanta I was immediately taken back by all the traffic.

Horns were blaring and I saw a guy open his sunroof just to flick someone off.

The next day, I was with a friend and we were driving to his house from his work. It took us a little over an hour to get back. Traffic was insane and he does that daily. Twice. I’ve done that before and I hope to never return to that type of lifestyle.

Fuck that. Already I was wondering why people would even want to live like that? Crammed cities with traffic all throughout the day.

A few times during my trip, I often had thoughts like that. Is the availability and convenience worth the extra stress? Do people not realize all the stress factors that surround us? If life is short and meant to be lived, why do people subject themselves to unnecessary bullshit every day?

I think my mind was overwhelmed and flooded at the beginning of the trip.

But all of this paints a bad picture of my trip, that I actually wished lasted longer.

My time in Atlanta was very short. I did get to spend about 24 hours there with great friends. I enjoyed a few runs around town with my running buddies and one with the running group that my running store puts on every week.

From there I made my way to Charlotte, NC for a music festival with a group of friends and had the time of my life. Probably one of the greatest life gifts is to be able to see your favorite bands and sing their songs at the top of your lungs along with thousands of others. All weekend long it was band after band after band, that I was anxious to see live.

By the end of the weekend my voice was straight shot and it took a good 3 to 4 days for it to fully come back.

From Charlotte I went back to Georgia, then my parents drove a few hours to pick me up to take me to their new house in the mountains of north Georgia.

I was happy to get there and was even more happy that they moved out of the suburbs.

I knew as my plane was landing in Atlanta and I was looking at all of the traffic on the web of interstates from above, that I would much rather visit them now than if they lived a lot closer to the city.

It was great to see my parents and to finally have some southern food that I have been craving for so long! Boiled peanuts during the day and shrimp and grits for dinner. Can’t beat that for a homecoming.

Another sweet part about where they live is that I could run about a mile on a dirt road and I would be on a sweet trail that connects to the AT. Basically a few thousand miles of trails from the front door.

Unfortunately, everything went by quick. It seemed like I was going from one thing to the next and never getting a moment to chill.

But I think because of that and that I didn’t get to see all of my friends, I am hoping to return very soon.

As I did go running on my trip, it was a relief not to really think about running. It was a great break from the mental side of things. But that made it hard to get back into it when I returned.

A few days before I left for the east, we had perfect weather in Wyoming. Then the amazing weather continued on the trip. When I got off the plane back in Wyoming it was in the 30s, snowing with 30+mph winds.

Not something I wanting to come back to and made me wish I was still back home. It seemed to sap my running motivation for a few days.

I ended up cutting runs short the first few days just because I wasn’t in the mood to force myself to run.

I figured it would be more important to get rest than to be on the verge of over training and losing my overall mental focus. It took a few days but I got back into training hardcore and I’m feeling better than ever now.

I am now in the final countdown until Bighorn. Less than a month to go!




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