Back to Racing: 50K This Weekend

I’m anxious and excited to run my first ultra in 11 months this weekend.

I can’t believe it has almost been a full year since my first 100 mile race and that I have gone so long without racing! And this weekend will mark two months until the Bighorn 100.

I’ll be running the 50K of the Desert Rats Running Festival in Fruita, CO. The course looks beautiful, stunning and yet difficult at the same time. Looks like there will be a decent amount of climbing to test my current fitness level. The elevation is identical to where I am living now, so I don’t view that as a hurdle but it will be a lot warmer than what I have been use to.

This will also be my first 50K that I am doing since I have discovered that I need solid food and that it works well for me on long endurance events. I technically haven’t had a great 50K yet, so I think my nutrition plan will be a key factor for me having a great race.

As long as I stay smart and patient early on, I can put together a solid race. Mainly though, I am looking forward to exploring a new part of the country on foot I have never been to before.

Now, it’s just time to zen out and calm the nerves and excitement.

(Photo is from my steady state run yesterday along a long dirt road that goes to just about nowhere)

9 thoughts on “Back to Racing: 50K This Weekend

    1. Joey Post author

      Nice! I still haven’t tried those. I’m gonna rotate between GU and Clifbars.

      It wasn’t until my last 50 miler that I realized I needed solid foods. I kept bonking at mile 20 or so. I stuffed my face with food and I bounced back to life and it has helped ever since

  1. Sarah Herrin

    I haven’t studied up on anything longer than a marathon, so I’m surprised to learn that we can have solid foods on ultras. I’m training for my first half and just started using GUs, but I’d love to do an ultra someday. Your posts are so inspiring! I’m excited for you!

    1. Joey Post author

      It works for some people and doesn’t for some. I’ve read that the body needs and can only handle up to 300 calories per hour for really long events. My favorite thing that works for me are bean burritos, surprisingly. But this weekend I’ll be switching between GUs and Clifbars.

  2. Jim Brennan

    50K in the Rockies, you will love it! And two months to Bighorn. I’m pulling for you, Joey. Depending on your route to Fruita, you will drive through Frisco, CO. Frisco is in Summit County, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. If you have time drop by and walk through town. Idaho Springs when you come through the tunnel is also a great town. I placed third in my age group in Run the Rockies half-marathon in Frisco in 2006 (you probably weren’t of legal drinking age. Ha ha,) my second running award ever, both after I turned 50. So you have a long wonderful road ahead of you, Joey. Nothing but time to enjoy your life and your health. So glad you are doing well.

    1. Joey Post author

      I went a different way but I hear that the highways were a mess between Denver and Idaho Springs. Even the way I went was pretty hectic with snow and ice.

      They I was a year out of high school in 2006!


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