5K: Win is a Win

Got my first win in a race ever!

I ran a 5K over the weekend in the next town up from me. Races are few and far between in Wyoming so I really wanted to jump on the chance to get in a 5K before I really amp up my ultra training.

Well my race wasn’t pretty.

I went out pretty ambitious and hard. I figured it would be my only 5K until the Fall, so why not go all out?

First mile I was around 5:42. I knew from my breathing that I wasn’t gonna be able to hold it but just ran hard anyways.

Obviously I just fell apart. By the half way point I was on pace to run 18:30, which was my goal. But still fell back from there…

Ended up getting 19:41 for the whole race. About 2 minutes faster than the person behind me.

Not many people run in this state, I have found out, which kind of sucks because I don’t have people to push me.

I talked to a friend back home about the race details and he said “a win is a win.”

Didn’t go as planned but I’ll take it even though I would be destroyed in any other 5K.

Hopefully it sets a trend….

4 thoughts on “5K: Win is a Win

  1. Dan

    Awesome! Your friend is right, a tape broken is a tape broken, regardless of how you got there or how many people followed you. Well done! I’ve gotten 2nd place twice in 5k races, but haven’t yet earned that coveted spot at the top of the podium. And yes, they were both in tiny neighborhood 5ks where I’m competitive. Alas. Congrats!

  2. Sarah Herrin

    That’s exciting! Congrats! I know I’ve been destroyed by a 5k before, but it’s still important to feel good about your hard efforts in the end. As I like to remind myself after a low-mileage week, “That ain’t nothin.” Don’t sell yourself short. You still pushed yourself and you won!


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