The Boys of Summer

I thought about you today on my run and I can’t believe it has almost been a year since you left. Like everyone that heard the news, I didn’t want to believe it, thinking there was no way that one of my childhood best friends could be gone so soon.

From the moment the news was confirmed, I wanted to carefully craft something in writing for you to say goodbye but honestly I had no idea where to begin.

Unfortunately, time slipped by and I never got around to it.

Recently I was watching the movie Stand By Me on a lazy Sunday afternoon and the final words Richard Dreyfuss types onto his computer struck a chord between you and me.

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

Then all the great memories rushed back and played all in a flash in my head.

The Nerf wars in your basement. The most epic football game in your front yard with a few inches of snow on the ground. Breaking wood boards in your garage before you went to Tae Kwon Do practice. The baseball games played while we crushed tennis balls onto the roof of the house across the street from yours. Drinking all of the Pepsi your parents bought from the store. The hours played on the Nintendo that we played Ken Griffey Jr. baseball, Golden Eye and Diddy Kong Racing. And of course winning a few championships in rec basketball together.

I could go on and on man.

I even followed you around like a little brother a lot, I bet.

You were fearless and did everything with such intensity. It’s always great to have a friend like that to show you how things should be done even though it isn’t until now that I admired that about you.

Though friends do sometimes come and go out of everyone’s lives, it was always a pleasure to bump into you. We would always have huge grins on our faces to the point where our eyes were barely noticeable, before we could even get words out of our mouths.

That smile and the fact that you were always laughing, I’m sure is what everyone misses most about you.

But you live on in all of the lives that you touched.

Without you, I honestly can’t imagine what growing up would have been like for me. I’m sure everyone in the neighborhood would agree too.

Hell we created a path with all of the foot traffic we did between our houses on a small section of woods just to cut a few houses out of our trip.

All in all, I guess what I wanted to say is thanks for everything and miss you man.

6 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer

  1. Cristo Rogers

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Matt was one of my best friends, even though we only knew each other for 6 months. We met in rehab, so the only things i know about Matt’s past are from what we talked about while we were there. It’s awesome to hear more about him from the people that knew him best. Seriously, thank you.

  2. Patti

    A Perflect reflection of joey and my son’s relationship … So well written … So touching … So perfect …. Thank you joey … I’ve read this at least 20 times today and it has touched me more than 20 times …. A reflection that will hang in matts room forever ….

    1. Joey Post author

      Aww, thanks Patti! I’m so sorry for the loss of Matt. You raised an amazing son and I definitely would not be who I am without him.


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