Time Waits For No One

You, me, us. We all have a deadline to meet.

Your assignment is to live. And the deadline is death.

The bad part about that is that we have no damn idea when that time will come. It might be 2 years from now for me, 36 years for you or tomorrow for the person sitting next to you in traffic.

Do not fucking procrastinate.

When you procrastinate, you get nothing done. You wait and wait and wait until the last minute. Then you fumble around trying to get as much done as possible but you know you’re screwed.

Just before you turn you’re assignment into your teacher, you know what you produced was half-assed and shit.

You always think, “I wish I started on it sooner!”

Don’t have that happen to your real life assignment of living to the fullest.

Set a deadline for a life goal and go after it with everything you have. Create that urgency to GET.IT.DONE.

Time is ticking. And it waits for no one.

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