Winter Winds

The winter winds are wearing me down. My mental strength got put to the test this morning and I wanted to throw up the white flag in defeat to the weather.

It’s not very pleasing to be woken up by the wind pounding on the windows and door like it itself doesn’t even want to be outside. It’s a provoking taunt and I really dreaded going out in it.

I don’t mind cold but add “gusts up to 46 mph” to it and it turns a run into a battle.

Sometimes it’s a matter of leaning to one side so you are not blown off the path or tucking your head down and marching forward at a crawling pace but with full force effort which creates inner frustration because the effort doesn’t match the pace.

It’s both physically and mentally draining to go at war with nature sometimes just to prove and/or build the endurance and strength to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

But at some point in the run I let my mind drift away with the gusts of wind and the resistance was suddenly eliminated. I just accepted what was thrown at me and went with the flow. I was willing to admit defeat at the beginning of the run but at the end I was glad I didn’t give in.

I let my discipline and dedication carry me out the door even though the desire wasn’t fully there, which later in the run the desire eventually was elevated.

When I got back, the first thing I read was:

“Champions choose to suffer…Others avoid it!” -Dr. Stan Beecham

That made me feel even better for getting my run in.

I always like to think that others decided not to run when I did, especially when it is miserable outside. It makes me feel like I am taking that extra step in my pursuits when others would take a day off.

Part of wanting the results we want, we also need to want to struggle. You can’t get what you want without difficulty. Some days it will be tough to get moving on whatever it is that we want, but you just gotta do it. Because if you don’t, then there might be someone out there who will and they will be the ones who get what you want.

Never stop grinding. Never stop moving.

This Ray Lewis video got me out the door and I highly encourage you to watch it when you need the motivation.

To give you an idea of the weather here, this guy sat next to me at the library as I was typing this post up. He fell asleep immediately, haha! But he is a trucker and the highway was shutdown because it is basically whiteout with the snow and wind.

I could really go for a night with a fire, hot chocolate (extra marshmallows), a giant bowl of popcorn with white cheddar seasoning and a movie!

How do you enjoy your winter nights?

2 thoughts on “Winter Winds

  1. Trails and Ultras

    I often tell myself that the worse the weather the deeper my understanding and relationship with my surrounding landscape will become


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