Running In Circles

Something that has come unexpectedly from sharing my story here have been the comments that have triggered even more in depth thinking on a personal and emotional level.

Dan, who writes at Dan’s Marathon, left a wonderful comment on my post Running Together and two words really resonated with me that he said in reference to me.

“…soul search…”

I know that I spend a lot of time thinking about my life. How to live it better and more passionately. How to learn from mistakes and to move on from them. How to find the silver lining in things. And how I would ultimately find happiness.

I know all of this encompasses soul searching, but I have never put a label on what I do.

It made me really think about this search of mine and if I have made any progress along the way.

Ever since I graduated college about 6 years ago, I have been on this constant search of the meaning of life and the meaning of my life.

But by constantly searching, I’m always digging for the truth. And by always digging, I may miss out on those fleeting moments that make life so amazing, and I may actually miss finding the meaning of life itself.

By always searching, I am always wanting.

I might not be allowing myself the whole life experience if I am always looking for a meaning.

I am just running in circles within myself.

Maybe you could call this an epiphany of some sort, but I now believe after looking within that the meaning of life is living in the moment.

And when in the moment, you are aware, you are honest and you are connected.

The moment, this moment, is where you find the meaning of life. This moment is everything.

I now think it is not actually something that you could possibly one day discover by searching for it because the only way to discover it, is to be here.

By feeling the moment you free yourself of certain expectations and limitations that you put on yourself, situations and desired outcomes.

It won’t always be pure joy. You have to have the lows and sadness to appreciate the highs and happiness.

Part of being in the moment is embracing how you feel and there are an infinite number of ways to feel. And to feel, is to be present. To be present is to being alive in the moment. And that moment, is where the meaning exists.

“So when I think of, what is the meaning of life, to me that’s not an eternal unanswerable question, to me that is in arm’s reach of me everyday.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson

7 thoughts on “Running In Circles

    1. Joey Post author

      I see them every day but have never put much thought into them. I guess they do seem very at ease yet also very mindful of their motions


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