Strength Training: Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are next up for strength training!

These will work your abs which will strengthen your core and keep you more upright instead of hunched over while you run.

Also this exercise will work your hip flexors which are like the driving force that connects your abs and legs and will help you run faster.

Check out the video on how to do these. I realize I should make my own videos after trying to find a video to share for this one!

Try and keep your back flat. Also, I like to sit on my hands when I do these. I have a boney butt and that helps take the discomfort away from that.

I count these out. Every time my right foot comes down, that’s one.

Try and do one set of a count to 20, 3 times a week. After a few weeks add another set. Get to doing 3 sets, 3 times a week and do a count of 20-30.

Keep it slow and steady. Don’t just kick like crazy. Make sure to keep breathing and don’t let your feet touch the ground.

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