Orange Mud!

A few weeks ago in the Trail and Ultra Running Facebook group I asked for hydration vest suggestions.

And I specified that I wanted a bottle system, not a bladder. I have a small hiking pack with a bladder and love it but sometimes it seems to be a bitch to fill it and I was thinking it would be even more during a race with adrenaline pumping.

Ever since I got into long distance running I have used a handheld bottle.

Something I wanted moving forward is to be hands free.

Another reason why I wanted a vest is so that I could hold more water than just a single handheld. It gets old having to circle back to my house or car to refill. Living in the mountains now, I want something that could give me the freedom to go out for hours without having to come back to refill.

Anyways, when I asked for suggestions in the Facebook group I got an overwhelming response within a few hours. There was a company that by far was recommended the most and I had never heard of them.

Orange Mud

A relatively new company, which I loved, and they promoted that their vests do not bounce.

Well that made my decision.

Friday afternoon I got their HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 in the mail. It’s a two bottle system that sits high on your back with shoulder pockets for nutrition and larger breast pockets for whatever you need.


I was tempted to throw it on when I opened the box and go for a short run down the street in my jeans I wore to work, haha!

I decided to move my long run to Sunday so I could test it before using it then in case I didn’t like it and I didn’t want to be bothered by it for a few hours.

I took it out for 90 minutes on Saturday. It took a few adjustments of the straps to get the right fit but once I got that dialed down, it hugged me perfectly. After a while I kind of forgot I was wearing it.

I took it out today for 2 and a half hours. I felt like I enjoyed it even more. Probably because 90 minutes isn’t really enough time to really use it…if that makes sense?

The bottles are super easy to grab and put back. The pockets on the shoulders are perfect for my GUs and even easier to reach for. Also since my hands were free the whole time, my arms weren’t tired by the end of the long run. And probably the best part is that it really doesn’t bounce like a water bladder would!

I’m very happy with it and I’m even more excited for longer runs in the mountains I have coming up for my Bighorn 100 training.


8 thoughts on “Orange Mud!

  1. Edward

    How many ounces can this set up hold? Is it just the two bottles? If so, that is seriously going to limit how far/long you can go before you need to refill. I really think a pack with a bladder is a better way to go. Yes, filling the bladder can be difficult, it just takes practice. Many packs can also hold two bottles up front, so you can use just bottles when you want and still have the option for a bladder. For super long runs, fill the bladder with water and the bottles with liquid nutrition. And as far as bounce goes – not even an issue. (Burping it does help eliminate the sloshing sound.) Salomon S-Lab packs are expensive, but worth every penny. My 12 Set holds a 2L bladder and two 21 oz bottles, and still has room for a lot more stuff.

    1. Joey Post author

      It’s 2 24 ounce bottles. There is a bungie cord in between that could hold another bottle. This is enough water for me to do about 4-5 hours, which I don’t plan on doing anything longer than that for my training. The S-lab series packs came up too in the Facebook post that I had but Orange Mud stuck out to me with the amount of people that recommended it. I happy with it and glad I got it, but if I ever get the chance to try a Salomon pack, I’ll give it a shot. I hear nothing but great things about them.

    1. Joey Post author

      I’ve never used the UD SJ vest so I can’t speak for it. It was in the mix for me. But I’m happy with the Orange Mud vest. I used it again on my mid week long run today and still can’t think of anything negative to say about it


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