Enjoy Your Ride

“Enjoy where you are in your journey.”

This is what my yoga instructor said this morning as the class of me and a few ladies were doing a balance pose.

It made me pause and reflect on where I am in life and made me appreciate everything that I have including my body and health.

It made me more aware of the moment and in the moment. Which is the state of mind I haven’t been very much in lately outside of my running.

This past Sunday, for whatever reason I have no idea, I woke up feeling very low. Almost felt paralyzed to my bed from feelings of sadness.

I wrote my thoughts out in my journal to get whatever was rooted in me out and I made the comparison between life and a rollercoaster.

Sometimes you will be low but soon enough you will be back up high again.

Life will go fast at times and slow at other times. It can give you that feeling of butterflies in your stomach or the feeling like all of the world is crashing down on you.

I think I have been too forward thinking lately. Maybe I’m wanting a few things that I don’t have or wanting my dream life but not quite to it yet.

If I don’t take the time to slow down and appreciate, I will always wish for more and never find ultimate happiness. Because happiness is right here in front of me.

Everyone’s journey is different. There is no reason to look at what other people have because it’s not part of my journey.

Today I will spend more time enjoying my journey and my rollercoaster ride.

6 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Ride

  1. Zachary (QuickMeUps.com)

    Absolutely, great points! I would also be willing to bet you just were hit by some of the good ‘ol winter blues. Low temperatures, not as much outdoor time, and probably a bit less sun-related Vitamin D. But I think staying grounded in the present and trying to enjoy our moment helps. I also find focusing on all that I have, and saying THANKS helps me come back to reality, and realize how good things really are!

    1. Joey Post author

      I have no idea what it was. I even had a great night with friends the night before so it was weird. But it’s 65 here now and my workout class was outside. Definitely loved the sunshine! Much needed

  2. runrodrun

    Here here!

    Life is also like a long run/race too, don’t you think? Sometimes, no matter how hard we train, we hit the wall. Sometimes out of nowhere. It’s as debilitating as it is confusing.

    But you worked passed that wall. Just like I’m sure you have in countless runs/races you’ve been in.

    Good for you 😃

    Enjoy the journey/ride/run for sure!


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