High Volume and Support Team

“There’s no “I” in PR. Your best efforts are helped by training partners, coaches, therapists, friends, family. Not me but we = PRs.” -Greg McMillan

I’m super happy to bring back Ian Torrence, as my coach, that I have had since 2013!

In the summer my training became inconsistent, I was starting to miss runs and was losing the desire to train seriously. On top of that I had to make the financial decision that it wasn’t feasible to have a coach at the time. So I decided to take a break from running and having a coach.

Once I found the my drive again in the Fall and deciding to run the Bighorn 100, I knew I was going to need some guidance especially with the goal I set for myself.

A common thing among top ultra runners is that they run some serious volume. About 120-150 mile weeks.

I want that volume. Not just for the desire to win but because I love running so much that I want to do it that much. But I have no experience with high volume. The most I did in a week going into the Keys 100 was about 90 miles.

In January, I averaged 60-65 miles a week. Not very high, but a solid base I feel.

After talking about my race and training goals with my coach, I decided to officially bring him back on board. Yesterday I received my training plan and I am amped to take it on!

It’s looking beefy and I am ready for it. Speed work, hill work, back to back long runs and doubles. Another thing that I’m excited to add are mid-week long runs. I’ve gone out for 2 hours the past 4 weeks on Wednesdays and I hope to build on that.

I really want to become comfortable going on 2-4 hour runs.

I feel that with the high volume I’m shooting for with the yoga, HIIT workout classes and core exercises I am doing now, that I am putting together a successful recipe. It at least feels that way with how I’m running now and progressing.

I’m excited to have my coach back also because I really miss a running community. I’m having a really hard time just finding people that do run in town. I miss being surrounded by like-minded people and haven’t found anyone yet.

Runners are an amazing breed. There are always new goals and achievements to strive after. When you surround yourself with the same type of people amazing things happen. You feed off each others energy. Even if one person is chasing a sub 15 minute 5K and the another person is going for a sub 3:30 marathon.

I have always thought of myself as the lone wolf because I prefer running alone. But I really feel like one now in this small town. I miss working in a running store and talking about it all day. It just feels like no one understands what I do. You just naturally become better when you are around better people.

I love the quote in the intro because it is absolutely true. A positive support system can take you a very long way. No one ever achieves anything great all by themselves. Bring in as many people as you can to get what you want.

4 thoughts on “High Volume and Support Team

  1. golddh

    I’d love to be able to get up to 120 miles. It’s not the time, will or effort for me, but rather that I get injured whenever I go 60+. Sounds like a great goal and an exciting journey!

      1. golddh

        Usually just nagging stuff, but nagging stuff that limits my work. Shins and hips. However, when I was recently training for a 100 miler, I got tarsal tunnel syndrome which took me off my feet for a month. It’s a classic overuse injury and a huge bummer. Now focused on racing the same distances but on fewer miles.

      2. Joey Post author

        Some strength training would help the shins and hips, but the tarsal syndrome sounds serious. Did you have to get surgery?

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