What Do You Want?

Seriously, what is it that you want to do with your life?

If you can’t come with an answer right away, think about it. Get off the computer or phone and give it some thought for once. Sit by yourself with no distractions, no music and no phone.

What do you want?!

Everybody has something they truly want to do. I guarantee there is something you think about everyday of the week that you wish you could do with your time.

We all dream about something!

Someday isn’t on the calendar. Friday, Saturday, Sunday are on there about four times a month. But when it comes to our dreams it’s probably the busiest day of the week. -Steve Mazan

Somewhere in the past a mold was put on our society. You wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and watch TV for a few hours. Then repeat.

When it comes to doing what you really deep down want to do, it’s either someday that you will do it or when you retire.

Why wait that long?! Why wait at all?

If you’ve ever chased a dream, you know that it lights a fire in your heart, that whether you reach it or not, it warms everyone around you and everything around you. -Steve Mazan

I believe people are never too old to do something. But why is it that once you pass a certain age, your dreams all of the sudden get pushed to someday or when you retire?

Or when you say you’re gonna do something, people always tell you to be reasonable. Why?

We as a whole need to end this thinking and way of life right now. We get one opportunity. One!

Live your dream. Whatever it is that you want to do, go do it. Someday isn’t on the calendar for your dreams. Go ahead and write down what you want on your calendar. And make it happen.

If you don’t, it’s just gonna keep eating at you until you act on it.

We’re all dying. But if you are not chasing your dream, you’re already dead. -Steve Mazan

Go for it.

Want do you want?

4 thoughts on “What Do You Want?

  1. 2bechosen

    I like this positive post. Figuring out what you want is an easy task (for me). In my mind everything is possible. To put my thought into actions…..that is when the risks and the doubts start taking over.

    1. Joey Post author

      Taking action and making changes will always be daunting for some reason. But those doubts and fears are only in your mind and nowhere else. I know for me if I really want something but don’t take any action it just constantly stays in my mind. So the only way to silence that voice is to do something about it. It’s always hard but you have to go after what you really want.


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