The Best Running Advice: Slow Down!

I wish I could remember where or from whom I received this advice but when I first started running it was the best advice I received.

Here it is…

Slow down.

If you always find yourself out of breath when you’re running, slow down.

If you’re running by yourself, breathe in and out through your nose about 10 times. If you’re out of breath, slow down.

Or if you are running with someone and find yourself out of breath while trying to have a conversation, slow down.

The reason I wanted to share this is because I had a friend over the weekend tell me that he hates running and wish he could find it enjoyable.

I always hear the same two excuses as to why someone hates to run. And both go hand in hand.

First is that people will say “I can’t breathe when I run” or “I’m always out of breath.”

Which leads to the second, “it’s not fun because I can’t seem to breathe.”

They are trying too hard. Just slow down. Allow your body time to adapt and eventually it will become fun, less strenuous and surprisingly will increase your speed.

Another idea I want to bring up is the 80/20 rule. This means that 80 percent of your running should be at an easy pace. And 20 percent at a harder effort.

Even the elites follow this rule.

I spend a lot of time reading other running blogs and it seems that a lot of beginner runners get caught up in day to day progress. They compare each day’s results with the previous day’s. And they express feeling let down because their run was a little slower than the day before.

80 percent of your runs are supposed to be easy and relaxed. Your times will fluctuate by the day. Each day is different and your body will feel different each day.

Don’t try to always better each day when you run. It’s impossible.

The only day(s) you should be tracking your time would be on speed workout days. Then you should compare each repeat you do or compare your times to the last time you did that same workout.
Running takes patience. Over time you will become more efficient and your daily easy runs will be easy, like they should.

Slow down. Relax.

9 thoughts on “The Best Running Advice: Slow Down!

  1. Dan

    I need to start following the 80/20 rule. As it is right now, it’s more like 60/40 and even that is a conservative estimate. Any “easy” runs I do I tend to think aren’t doing anything, so I end up going for the breathless approach. I need to stop that.


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