Never a Dull Moment

“From a home in Georgia to a dude ranch in the Big Horns to a journalistic stint in the Bulletin is quite a stretch. You’re on top of the heap so far. Best wishes for the future.”

Today I was sitting at my work desk this morning and in walked the sweetest old man I have ever met.

We first met about a month ago while I was still in the hiring process for the writing job at my local newspaper. I was put on assignment to write a story about a new book that had just been published called Never a Dull Moment. (You can read the story here)

To make a long story short, this man’s name is Fred Gray. He was given a stack of papers, which were his brother’s memoirs from the early 1900s, a few years after that brother passed away. It took many many years, but Fred along with the help of others compiled everything into a book, which was released at the end of November.

He stopped by the office because he wanted to thank me and let me know that he thought the article was well written. He even brought me a copy of the book with a personal letter typed from a typewriter.


That was an interesting thing I learned about him when we first met, that he still uses a typewriter at the age of 90.

I was surprised and thrilled that Fred stopped by to let me know what he thought about the story and that he gave me a letter along with the book. It brightened and made my day for sure. The letter especially. It almost made me choke up.

Letters are such a lost art and take very little time to write one. A little thing like a letter can have such a huge impact on someone’s day.

In the short time I have been with the newspaper, I have met a lot of amazing people. Each story I work on is a chance to get to know someone’s life in a way. It has opened me up to a world I would otherwise have not experienced. To meeting Fred, being invited to my Boss’s house for Christmas on my first day, meeting a fellow ultra runner (that will be doing the 18 miler at the Bighorn race weekend) while ice fishing and getting to do my first Polar Bear Plunge. (That story can be read here)

There really seems to never be a dull moment in the writing business here in Wyoming.

* I would like to add though that I have learned that a writer is only as great as their editor. I wrote two drafts of the article. And the third and final draft came out the way it did because of the editor’s craft.

3 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Jim Brennan

    You are so right about the lost art of letter writing. An uncle of mine send me a letter every now and then and it makes me stop and think about the time and care and thoughtful ess it take opposed to texting and emailing. Also, way cool with the 90 year old guy you wrote about. You are touching lives. Good for you.

    1. Joey Post author

      I think for me, my lack of experience allows me to be more open about editor changes. And from what I have seen the editor has made my stuff sound a whole lot better


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