Running with Heart

The snow crunch beneath my feet. Shooting stars blaze across the sky. Then a sunrise that makes you stop to gaze in amazement. My breath is visible as my heart pounds in its chamber of my chest. A smile beams from ear to ear.

The feelings are indescribable, but to attempt to put words to the moment; gratitude, elevated, free.

My last few runs have become emotional for me. Not only because of the elegance of the natural world but of the visualizations my mind conceives. I’m not sure if where my thoughts run to is considered the runner’s high or not. Usually every run, I can become so deep in thought that body and mind completely separates.

Fantasy becomes a reality. Even if it’s for a few seconds, I am living in an alternate existence and the story is so vivid.

I have been dreaming about my upcoming 100 mile race. The pain and suffering. The cramps and desire to quit. The personal triumphs and the determination to never give in. The aid stations and encouragement from volunteers. The need to dig deep and push forward no matter what. All the highs and lows.

I’ve also wondered what it would feel like crossing the finish line. What it would feel like being the first to cross the finish line. Whether that becomes true or not in the future, at the next one or one ten years down the road, I will know that not a single person there will have more passion as me. No one will have worked as hard as me. No one will want it is bad as me.

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

When I come to from these thoughts while I run, I feel that lump in my throat and eyes water up. Even I inspire myself to strive beyond what I think capable and push further towards my dreams.

I run with my heart. Plain and simple.

7 thoughts on “Running with Heart

  1. Barbara

    I really admire your dedication and discipline! Especially running in cold weather and snow. You inspire me. Keep running, you are a winner. You have already crossed the finish line in your mind. What the mind can visualize, it can achieve. You will cross the finish line someday soon, and I look forward to your post.

  2. runningrich67

    Good luck with goal. The sense of achievement you’ll have for the weeks afterwards will be worth the exhaustion, pain and scraping the barrel of effort you’ll no doubt experience.


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