Running is the Cure

The worries and hesitation that gripped me after my job acceptance waned as my steps accumulated on my run the next morning and extending into my weekend runs.

Long paved country roads and dirt paths brought me to panoramic landscapes. Massive meadows with long dried grass waving in the wind, snow patched mountains and rolling foothills offered harmony which accompanied gratitude and contentment.

I wondered why I allowed such fear of a new direction in my life to take hold. Maybe anxiety of the possibility of losing my freedom of how I choose to fill my days resorted to these feelings.

Enthusiasm for what is to come extinguished my initial thoughts.

The clarity that running brings to life’s trivial problems is fascinating. Confidence, fearlessness and self honor absorb and root into your core with each drop of sweat poured out. Readiness for each opportunity or challenge is a side product that builds at your foundation from the exertion of self propulsion by foot.

The miles compiled or pace aren’t what matter but the fulfillment and serenity actualized are.






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