Found this today and felt it valuable to share.

I had one of my coldest runs today. It was 18 when I stepped out the door. My first run this season in my running tights and I doubled gloved it.

Almost immediately, the moisture from my breathing froze on the facial hair above my upper lip. As time passed, it was getting harder just to wiggle my face. By the time I was halfway, the sweat dripping from my eyes was starting to freeze on my eye lashes. Ice built up on my gloves which made it feel like sandpaper when I would try to wipe my eyes. I pushed the last few miles to get back quicker to warmth yet I loved every minute of the run.

When I walked in the door, I went straight to the mirror. I looked like I spent the night outside face first in a few inches of snow. People probably thought I was insane but I’ll think of it as dedication. It took a few minutes to pull the ice cubes that formed on my beard and even longer to get my ears to stop hurting. Something I really need is a head band to wear since this is just the beginning of my winter season.

Anyone have any tips for running in frigid temps?

7 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. todd

    Beyond the obvious dressing in moisture-wicking layers and all that…? Enjoy it as another barrier you are crossing. It makes you all that much more alive (sometimes I have to keep telling myself)…


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