I Can


Whatever your dreams are, go for them with all of your heart. Completely dive in and go full force. Don’t let fear and doubt slow you down, those will be natural human emotions that you’ll need to push through. Decide on what you really want and go for it. Write it down and never look back. You’ll be a new person just by putting all of your effort into the dream you so deeply desire.

I just wrote my next huge goal down. The odds of me achieving it will be slim. But the first step is believing in yourself, and I do. Odds are I will feel embarrassed for my goal if it’s not achieved. But I’ll know that by going for my goal, I will be at my absolute maximum potential to achieve it. Odds are I will fall flat on my face. But the odds are I will be a completely different person than I am now. And I know by announcing my goal, I come off as a arrogant.

If I do come up short…
At least I will know I am going to give it my all. I will know that there will be nothing else I could of done come race day. I will know that I will be the best me I can be.

My goal…


7 thoughts on “I Can

  1. davehuseman

    As usual, I’m late in responding to your revived blogging, but I was very happy to see you actively contributing again and I really like the direction that your blog (and your life) seems to be going. I concur with everyone else who have advised you to go for it NOW because if you wait for a better time, it’ll never happen. I wish you the best with your potential job as a writer, but more importantly, I hope that you continue to run full steam ahead toward all of your dreams. As with others, I waited far too long to chase some of those dreams and, for better or worse, life happens and you find yourself saddled with responsibilities and obligations before you know it. Find the balance that works best for you, but don’t stop living for today, because when you open your eyes, today will be long gone and you’ll have to find your own Joey to remind you to appreciate the dreams you did chase while living vicariously through the stories of those who took some time to chase the ones you passed on. Keep running, keep growing and keep blogging so I can continue my vicarious journey by your side.

    Regardless of whether or not you are able to accomplish your stated goal, you have the strength of character to state it publicly and the fortitude to give it your best shot and I look forward to reading about the life rewards that you gain from the process!

    1. Joey Post author

      I don’t want you think I ignored this comment. It’s just that I could not come up with a response that would equal to it’s elegance. Hands down one of my favorite comments I’ve received here. Thanks

      1. davehuseman

        No worries man! I’m humbled by your response. Please don’t feel obligated to respond to every comment. I comment when I’m moved to do so and when I find the time between work, life and general laziness. Take that for what it’s worth, but it’s definitely meant as a compliment.

        I would much rather you contribute another post on your experiences (running or other) than to take the time to respond to my comments, but I do appreciate it.

        Keep blogging because that’s what keeps me coming back! And if possible, post a link to your newspaper – I’d love to follow you there as well.

  2. Jim Brennan

    If anyone can do it, it’s you, Joey! I’m behind you 100%, and will be proud of you regardless if you win or not. Keep all of us posted, and good luck!

  3. Jim Brennan

    Reblogged this on Rite 2 Run and commented:
    Joey began Road to 100 to share his experiences in his pursuit to run a 100 mile race after he graduated from college. He reached his goal this year, moved to Wyoming and set a new goal for 2015 to win the Bighorn 100 in June. Follow Joey at Road to A 100.


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