HIIT Workouts

Now that I am getting back into shape, I am wanting to change up my core routine. Thinking back on my last routine bores me. I did 3 sets and each set took about 15 minutes. And I did it 6 days out of the week. With music and social media distractions, this usually dragged out to an hour every time.

It wasn’t a very exciting or fun circuit. Most of it was holding different positions for about a minute then switching to the next. I never really broke a sweat because it was very stationary.

I’m ready to change things up and for the past fews days I’ve done kind of a freestyle HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit with my core exercises. Doing things at a faster pace and taking short rest breaks. It has definitely been more of a workout and I feel like I am getting more out of it. My goal is to do about 30 minutes each day. Less time than before but hopefully get more out of it.

Today I did the following. Each set I did 4 times with about 30 seconds of rest before stating the set again.

Set One:
10 jumping jacks
10 squats
10 hay bales (w/medicine ball)

Set Two:
10 around the worlds (w/medicine ball)
30 seconds of flutter kicks
10 knee thrusts (5 per leg w/medicine ball)

Set Three:
10 lunges
10 seconds of mountain climbers
30 second planks (each set was a plank on different side. Front, back and two sides)

This is all new to me but I seem to love it more than what I was doing in the past.

Anyone else do their core routine in more of a HIIT fashion? Anyone take a HIIT workout class? What are things you do in your routine?

2 thoughts on “HIIT Workouts

  1. Repaholics

    If you’ve never tried insanity or p90x, you might really love it. There workout videos range from 30 to 40 minutes of HIIT. There were a ton of moves that I learned from it and moves that I continue to use when I go to the gym today. Other than that though I would say if you want to continue weight training, I would try and practice supersets (little rest time in between and working the same muscles in a different way or working on alternating muscles in between. Good luck with the training, HIIT is pretty awesome!

    1. Joey Post author

      I’ve never done Insanity or P90X, but I just found out that my local YMCA has an Insanity class tonight that I’m most likely gonna check out.


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