AP Weekend

As much as I want to be back in top running shape, I lack the motivation to wake up early and run in the cold. I had the intentions and even set my alarm, but five minutes before it even went off I hit the “cancel alarm” button on my phone and enjoyed another 30 minutes of sleep. Luckily my day was pretty open that I had the luxury to run midday.

I’ve always ragged on people that went to a track just to do an easy run and not a speed workout. But I did just that today and loved it. Not a soul was there which added to the delight. No cars or traffic lights. No curbs, rocks or roots to trip you up.

It’s easy to space out on the track too. The constant monotony is meditative. By the third lap I couldn’t remember how many times I had been around the oval. I wanted to go longer than I did, but I don’t want to push myself too soon.

Before the run, I had a decent phone interview with the local newspaper to be a writer for them. I thought it went well, but quickly became self conscious when it was pointed out to me after I hung up the phone that I said “ummm” twenty times too much.

Within an hour I got a call back though! They asked if I could come by the office to pick up an Associated Press Stylebook to look over this weekend. Sounds like a blast!…


On Monday they are giving me two stories to write on. Depending on how well they are, the stories could possibly be printed and I could land the job! I’m very hopeful at this point. It will be a new venture that would help me grow as a writer and could put me on a path to turn a passion into a career.

Not sure how much of the book I’ll get to enjoy this weekend with all of the Christmas movies on and with the town’s holiday parade tomorrow.

“Merry Christmas. Shitter was full.”

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