New Start


Marveling at this Wyoming sunset I felt a sense of calm and feeling of at peace this evening. Yet since returning here a few weeks ago, I often wonder why I’m even here and other times I remind myself of the majestic pull of the west that brought me here in the first place.

This new journey of mine, I want to try and document it as it goes by. I don’t want to try and remember weeks down the road how I felt at a certain point to make for a captivating blog post. I want to create something more story-like. I want it to be more real, more honest and more in the moment than how I previous presented my life.

Writing has become as much as a passion that running has been to me. Just as running on a daily basis is a therapeutic tool for myself and many others, writing has given me that same release and has allowed me to enter what is referred to as the flow.

I hope this redirection still inspires and entertains people as much as it did before. The frequency of updates will increase and I believe I will be able to maintain it going into The Bighorn 100 race in June. Let this be another new beginning of sorts and journey into the unknown future.

8 thoughts on “New Start

  1. Jane Likes to Run

    Good luck with your newest endeavor. I look forward to hearing your story as it unfolds. I agree that writing is a great was to feel that you have created something.

    1. Joey Post author

      Yeah I was trying to write too much about the past when I started the blog and probably missed out on a ton of inner insight I was experiencing

  2. largerunner

    That sunset is absolutely captivating. I am on a new start myself after a crazy year and heading into the unknown in more than just running. Keep up the hard work running 100 miles sure is a great feat. I hope to do a race such as that in 2016.

  3. Jim Brennan

    Go with the flow, Joey, and give it your own unique perspective, how Joey Road to 100 sees the world. Make it yours, that story only Joey can tell. And as far as running goes, it is the most effective natural stress reliever I’ve found in sixty years. Enjoy the journey. And best of luck, my friend.

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks, I think that’s a little why I want to update it more. To give it more of a unique experience. Otherwise it will end up sounding like a typical running life story.


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