Almost Race Day


I’ve made it to Key Largo in Florida! This is where the race will start Saturday morning and we will head 100 miles to Key West.

Right now, it’s pretty humid, as thunder rumbles above. Looks like a rain storm will be here shortly. On the bright side though, the weather looks like it will be in favor of the runners for Saturday. The forecast is calling for temps in the low 80s and winds from 15-20 mph. I believe in the past it has been in the 90s for the race, so we are lucking out.

I’m feeling calm and collected at the moment. Yesterday and even this morning I was freaking out about this colossal challenge. I told a friend that I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around 100 miles. He told me that I cannot think like that. I have to keep my mind in the moment and to break the race up into little pieces. Eventually the miles will be covered, I just can’t think of the big picture or else I’ll just make myself nervous.

Usually it’s me that’s speaking the words of insights, but sometimes I need to be reminded of these valuable lessons.

I am happy and absolutely relieved I’m finally here! Just need to stay off my feet until Saturday and keep my thoughts in the present.

12 thoughts on “Almost Race Day

  1. becelisa

    before a race years ago a friend gave me the following simple piece of advice … “remember to thank your body for allowing your soul this experience.” enjoy yourself out there. you’re ready.

    1. Joey Post author

      I’ll be grateful for every moment and each step. I’ll remember to smile when I feel low. Key West or bust!

    1. Joey Post author

      Oh man, what an experience that was! Took me 24 hours and 2 minutes. I went through a bunch of ups and downs, but kept on moving forward. What a difficult and grueling challenge 100 miles is. Time to rest and enjoy the down time.

      1. ultrawriter

        Awesome time buddy! Awesome time! Major congrats. And that dangling 2 minutes is gonna be great incentive to run another 100 someday! Thrilled for you. Enjoy the sweet victory.

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