100 Mile Taper

I have finally reached the official taper phase of my 100 mile training. It seems like not long ago I started training for this. And 6 months later, here I am.

I have had some awesome long runs this past month. I took what I learned about nutrition from my last 50 mile race and applied it to my training runs and it has helped out tremendously. Instead of only doing about 200 calories an hour, which is what I was doing before, I have aimed to intake about 300 calories an hour.

Since my last race I have done a handful of long runs. 28, 32, 26, 27 milers. Some of those were fast finish long runs and the 32 and 26 were back to back. Not once did I have a bad moment or “bonk.” And I think that all had to do with my new nutrition goal.

This was the first time I trained with solid food this past month, finding what works and maybe finding what does not work with me. I’m not sure if I was fortunate or unfortunate that I didn’t find something that didn’t work with me. I guess we will find out on race day…

My favorite thing I tried on the long runs were bean burritos. I used canned refried beans and small flour tortillas. They made my stomach feel full and satisfied. And the canned beans were high of sodium which helped with replenishing from so much sweat. I also really enjoyed PB&Js, Oreos, trail mix and pretzels. This was also the first time I used a sports drink too during a long run.

Another thing that I’ve added this past month is an extra off day. Fridays has always been my off day from running. So I can feel fresh going into long runs. And Mondays I have used as short 30 minute recovery runs up until recently. The last Monday I ran, I never felt “that” feeling when all the stiffness and soreness from the weekend runs melt away after about 15-20 minutes of super easy jogging. It actually felt like the recovery run took me back a step, bringing up a few niggles that could have possibility turned into something serious.

With the extra off day, I have felt more recovered. Which I believe has made me even stronger as a runner. And it has aided me finishing up my training feeling healthy and rested. Meaning I’m not injured and not burned out. I’m excited for this race!

Fingers are crossed that my successful streak of long runs continues on into my race. I feel I am in the best shape and my confidence is as high as can be right now. But anything can happen in 100 miles. After the half way point, I will be in unknown territory for myself.

All my long runs are done. I still have a track workout and tempo run to do in the next week. Other than that, just some easy runs for me. I’m so damn ready to run this 100 miler in Key West!

24 thoughts on “100 Mile Taper

  1. Martin Thorne

    Good Luck. I enjoy your blog. I have my first 24 hour race on May 17th- Black Mountain Monster in Black Mountain, NC. Good luck and hope both of us are patient and finish strong.

  2. becelisa

    sounds like you are ready! having the training and nutrition down is a big part but what i like most is the level of confidence you’re going into things with. that in itself can make or break a race. i got asked to crew/pace a runner but with a new job and a friend’s birthday party, i had to turn it down. would have been great to see you cross that finish line! rest up and get ready to kick ass!

    1. Joey Post author

      The finish line will be my birthday party! I’m amped and ready. Resting up now and hoping for the best! Thanks for the support

  3. sneaksandstilettos

    So exciting. I’m glad your training runs went well and hope the same for your big race! Can’t wait to read about. I still struggle with fueling so it’s great to hear about your strategies!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks! I think nutrition will always be a work in progress. Once you find a formula that really works for you, it might completely change soon after. What are you struggling with?

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks Stefan! I’m sure my dad will give you a play by play this weekend. And the forecast is looking ideal for running… in south Florida.


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