My Next Adventure


At the end of May, and right after my 100 mile race, I will be taking off to spend the summer in Wyoming! I will be a hiking guide in the Big Horn mountains for Paradise Guest Ranch. I’ll be close to Buffalo, WY, which is north central of the state.

For the past 4 or 5 years I have really wanted to move out West. The two times that I’ve made the attempt to move, they ended up being long road trips. And any visit in between was just enough to satisfy my desire for the time being.

Most days I spend daydreaming about being in the mountains. And on days where the weather is absolutely perfect, I wish nothing but to be outside rather than in, working and looking out the windows.

Not only am I excited to be living in the mountains but also that I’ll get to hike almost daily. Before I got into running, hiking was a big hobby of mine. Running in the morning then hiking all day seems like best day for me.

The Big Horn 100 course is out my back door. Maybe that will be my next big race I’ll train for…

“To my mind, voyaging through wildernesses, be they full of woods or waves, is essential to the growth and maturity of the human spirit. It is in the wilderness that you really learn who you are. It is facing the challenges of the wilderness that the thickness of your wallet becomes irrelevant and your capabilities become your truer measure of your value.” -Steven Callahan from Adrift

19 thoughts on “My Next Adventure

    1. Joey Post author

      I hear it’s a tough race no matter the distance. Depending on my work schedule I hope to be able to go out there to cheer people on or volunteer. I’ll definitely make sure to say hey if I can be there.

  1. ashe

    I live in Sheridan and also currently in for the 50k. Struggling with a slight injury has me contemplating dropping to the 30k. I have spent some time in the south end of the forest for work when I worked for the Forest Service. If there is one place you visit all summer it has to be Cloud Peak! You can make it a 3 day backpacking trip into the wilderness. Bomber Mountain is pretty high on that list too. But no matter where you explore in the Bighorns it will always take your breath away! I love my “backyard.”

      1. ashe

        Shin splints. They just kill. I’ve got a marathon next month that I’m hoping to survive.

        You’ll kill me in trails as i love my roads. 🙂

        keep in touch!

      2. Joey Post author

        I’m actually all roads right now. It will take me awhile to adjust to the mountains and the high altitude

      3. Joey Post author

        Hey! Can you shoot me an email at jfsch at bellsouth dot net? I’m having trouble finding races in the area and was hoping you could get me in the loop

  2. Zachary @zacharykreid

    Dude! Awesome!!! Super hyped for you!!! Sorry haven’t been around lately, it’s been really hectic and difficult for me to get my articles up, haven’t had a chance to check in on friends. Dang man, super hyped for you!!!! I was born in Washington, grew up in Oregon, and lived in Cali as well as Arizona. I love the west coast and think (hope) you’ll love it out there! Nature everywhere, sounds amazing.

    Congrats Joey!!! Rooting for you and your upcoming 100 miler (can’t believe it’s almost game time). Keep training and thank you so much for your support on my site. Good luck with this last month of training!!!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks man! I’m sooo excited. It’s gonna be a crazy month with my race in a few weeks then going to Wyoming right after. Ready for one adventure to the next one

      1. Zachary @zacharykreid

        Feeling good for the race? I can’t believe it’s coming up so quick then off to Wyoming! I have a few friends that live in Montana, but I don’t think I know anyone in Wyoming, I’ll ask around. You excited? A lot of stuff to get ready I imagine!

      2. Joey Post author

        I was stressing out for a few days. I had a lot of things to take care of before the race and Wyoming. But feeling much better and relaxed now that I’m in Florida. Only big adventures ahead now! I’m feeling good and well prepared for this race!

      3. Joey Post author

        Yep! I fly back to GA from FL on Wednesday to grab my car. Then I have a few days to get there for my first day of “work.”

      4. Zachary @zacharykreid

        Awesome, what a road trip! I did AZ to Wisconsin a number of years back, but I wanted to marathon it so I drove the 1,600+ Miles (28 hours of driving) in a total of 36 hours!! hahaa, slept in the car, ate in the car, etc.

        But first things first, have a great run this weekend and run it your way, as you’ve been training! Good luck Joey!!

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