2 Questions: Dominic Grossman


Dominic Grossman has a lot to show for his young age of 27. Only a year older than me, his experience has been an inspiration for me. He’s won the Angeles Crest 100 twice, completed Badwater and the Hardrock 100 (both consider one of the toughest races out there). And has recently earned a spot to Western States this Summer.

Knowing all that you know now, what would you tell your young self that was new to ultras?

I think I wish I would’ve been more consistent, structured, and done more speedwork. It’s like you have a limited amount of time, and you’ve gotta cut out what you don’t need. Focus on building mileage around 10% per week, taking the 3rd or 4th week as a step back week, and don’t do random binge training, it just gets you injured.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is training for their first 100 miler?

For your first 100, train on similar terrain, or if you don’t have it, use treadmills to get your climbing in and use minimal footwear on trails to help strengthen your feet gradually.

Check out this video of the Sean O’Brien 50 miler that Dominic was part of:

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