2 Questions: Mike Foote

(Mike’s on the left after finishing UTMB)

Mike Foote lives, trains and also race directors in Missoula, Montana (one of my favorite places to visit). He has a unique lifestyle living in a yurt (check out the awesome video posted below). He has experience ranging from 50Ks all the way to 100 milers and more. He’s won the Bear 100 and Bighorn 100. He recently placed 3rd at the Moab Red Hot 55K with a fast time of 4:07.

Knowing all that you know now, what would you tell your young self that was new to ultras?

Don’t be afraid to take a day off.
Practice all sorts of nutrition strategies before racing.
Be really really nice to your friends family and significant other. They have to put up with you training for and racing ultras!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is training for their first 100 miler?

You will never know what it is like to run 100 miles until you actually do it, so go into the experience with an open mind.

4 thoughts on “2 Questions: Mike Foote

    1. Joey Post author

      I’ve enjoyed them myself and I’ve been surprised to hear back from a lot of them too. I thought they would all have said something like “just have fun.” So it has been cool to read different responses. And I don’t think in no other sport could you email some of the elites and even get a response.


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