Go Big

Last night I thought of an old friend. He was the nicest, funniest and most spontaneous person I’ve ever met. He had such a unique and distinct laugh that you’d never forget. And a character that no one you’ll meet will ever match. Some of my favorite memories from my teenage years were with him. Unfortunately, we lost touch and at the beginning of my freshman year of college he took his own life, leaving behind a wife and little boy.

Every once in a while, when I think of him, I can’t help but to laugh out loud from all the crazy and fun shit we did. As I thought of him last night, I was thinking how he didn’t get the chance to realize his life dreams. He never got the chance to really do amazing things throughout his life.

This morning, I came across an inspiring article (thanks Triathlon Obsession for sharing) on Olympic medalist, Alex Bilodeau. His older brother has Cerebral Palsy and Alex calls him his hero.

“Even if it’s raining outside, or minus-40, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God I don’t want to go train today. It wouldn’t be a big difference skipping one day,“’ Bilodeau said in an interview during the lead-up to the Sochi Olympics. “But looking at my brother, to be able to give him that chance of being in my body for one day, and going to the Olympics, he would jump in my shoes and go out there and run a marathon. So I’m like ‘OK, let’s stick to the plan, let’s go.”

“Most of his dreams are not realistic, and when I think about it, I’m like ‘where are my limits?’ I have remembered that,” Bilodeau explained. “And out of respect for my brother I have to go after these dreams and to do all within my power to try to make it happen.”


Thinking of my old friend, I realized I should be absolutely grateful for what I have in life. The chances, opportunities and dreams we have should be pursued with an intense fervor. Not everyone in life can do what others can. So we should Go Big and do everything possible to achieve our dreams. Not only do it for your own sake, but for others too.

Go for it

17 thoughts on “Go Big

  1. shawnasob

    Very well said. This life is a gift and to do anything other than going big is selling ourselves short. It is amazing where we can draw inspiration from. Great post.

  2. fullmoonrunner

    I think this is a fantastic post – thank you for sharing this! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, but it’s great that you managed to draw strength from the sad events. I often think we can learn more from the bad events in our lives than the good. Like you, I sometimes feel that I’m running for other people, those who can’t run or those who aren’t with us anymore. It’s so life-affirming. I lost not one, but two close friends very suddenly last year, and the times I’ve spent running and being with my horse were hands down the most helpful ways of dealing with the loss. We only get to be here for a certain amount of time, and we should never take that for granted and live it to the fullest. Keep moving forward!

    1. Joey Post author

      Sorry about your losses as well. But it is the hard times that we grow from. And we’ve learned to take on big challenges in life and not accept the mundane while we are here, making the most of what we are given…while we can!

  3. runningbostonandbeyond

    I loved the story of Alex and his brother Frederick. Loved seeing them last night and is such an inspiration for any of us who have “those” days and may take our abilities for granted. You summarize it perfectly by saying “Go for it”. Thanks 🙂

  4. running4beer

    Wow – that’s such an incredible story. It’s such a good reminder to be thankful for what we have and that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to possibilities in life. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. bethwarstadt

    So very, very true. I also have to pause occasionally to remember to be thankful for what I have and not bog down in the little incidental things that in no way represent the quality of my life. thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours.

  6. Jim Brennan

    What a truly inspiring post, Joey. It’s cool you can think of your buddy who is no longer with us and laugh. That is a good quality to possess. And the article about Alex Bilodeau reminds me of my sister with MS. She hobbles around with a cane and sometimes stumbles and falls, yet she is always asking what she can do for you and never asks for anything for herself. These are the truly heroic people in our lives. Thanks!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks for reading. And no doubt they are the most heroic people. They endure what many can’t even imagine, yet they never have a complaint about their situation and are always more happy than everyone too.


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