Focused and Motivated

Alright boys and girls, one week until my next race! I’m feeling ready and well prepared for this one. I’m looking for some videos and/or running quotes that will amp me up this week. What are your favorites?

Here’s one of my mine:

15 thoughts on “Focused and Motivated

  1. Ruaca

    Thank you for sharing! I don’t want to be the best, but it does inspire me to do my best! It’s true.. we have to want it, we have to put the work in. You shared this at the perfect time. I will look for one to share . 🙂 Mine will probably have more women runners it though. OH wait, I KNOW a perfect video that inspires me like no other.. let me go find it and see if it works for this…

      1. slowlyrunningfast

        Me too and it’s incredibly true! That’s my motivation to not go back to my previous life of comfort because that first step is always the hardest part.

        Good luck- you got this! 🙂

  2. wordwithmindy

    Wow Joey – you inspire me!!! I’m not a runner, but I believe in being the best you can be and pursuing with all your heart what you love. So, run, Joey, run – fill your heart with all it can handle and hold on this next race – and when you hit that wall, remember the absolute joy and satisfaction – that absolute reverbing life within your soul, each time you cross a finish line! Go!!!
    And thanks for stopping by and liking my blog 🙂

  3. zachary

    Less than a week till the big day! Wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing, love your mentality Joey! Excited to hear how you do. I think your training session a week ago was the perfect idea and should help you relax mentally as you get close to race time. I’m not a runner but do like serious bike rides, especially serious hill climbs that make me wanna die and fall off of the bike!! hahaa, so I don’t have any great motivational videos but I’ve read a lot of the Tour de France history and Eddy Merckx is a man I admire. He just outwilled everyone else on the bike. There were other riders that had better form, or a better physique, but this guy just road them into the ground. He was like a machine. Nicknamed the Cannibal. This video gets me pumped up –

  4. getgoing-getrunning

    Sorry dude! My phone played a trick on me and gave me the link to the Palmers ad, not the inspirational video! LOL. You will need the Palmers after the race though…
    Anyways, This is what I meant:


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