Tapering For Destin 50K


After a few short months of hard training, I’m already back to taper mode. I had my last long run this morning that went very well and now I have two weeks until race day.

A lot has changed since my last training cycle and now I feel like I am becoming a well rounded runner. I’ve started doing back-to-back long runs as I lead up to my 100 mile race. My body is handling them surprisingly very well this time. My daily runs are incrementally getting longer, which I love. Getting to run more and more on a daily basis is part of my life vision that I want to achieve. I’ve added jump roping to my strength routine and have seen nothing but positive improvements from it. And probably most importantly, my diet has been brought to the forefront of becoming healthier.

I have never felt this ready for a race before. Everything recently seems to have come together nicely and it just seems like it all is just ‘clicking’ for me running wise. Depending on how I feel come race day and the uncontrollable elements playing their part, I’m hoping to have a great race. Now I just need to focus on staying relaxed and fresh, while staying in a patient mindset.

Running is what I want to spend my life doing. Slowly I’m shaping that dream life. How do you want to live yours?

12 thoughts on “Tapering For Destin 50K

  1. Trails and Ultras

    For now I want to spend my life running! How long are your long runs at the moment? I’m curious because I want to do 100 miles this year and I’m not sure mine are long enough…or if I do them often enough

    1. Joey Post author

      The longest I ran for this 50k was 24. My back to back weekends were something like 14-16 and 20-24. So really not any longer than a marathon training would call for. But looking further after this race not sure what my coach will have me doing. I am doing a 50 miler at the end of March which I would assume would be my longest run. I think with 100 mile training the idea of back-to-back-to-backs come in. But we shall see what he throws at me

  2. activeharmony

    Great post, Joey. Sounds like you’re really dialed in! I’m sensing a strong race from you in Destin! Looking forward to your updates through out the taper!

    Also – that quote absolutely NAILS it.

  3. zachary

    Hey Joey, thanks for the follow! Came by and have read a number of your updates, I’m liking what you’re doing and rooting for you. Sounds like you’re prepped and ready for Destin, here’s hopin you run well in 2 weeks, will be following! Good luck!!

      1. Joey Post author

        I’ll have a mohawk and beard, if you want to say hey before the race. If I don’t see you before, good luck!

      2. marathonsandthemunchies

        I’ll be the one dressed like an eskimo….three layers of clothes starting off….lol. Good luck to you as well if I don’t see you!!

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