2nd Place!

Today was the Old Glory Trail Trot 50K and I came in 2nd place! Harder than expected. I’ll have a race report up in a few days. Thanks for all of the “good lucks” and kind words I received all week from everyone leading up to the race!

(I’m on the far right)

50 thoughts on “2nd Place!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks! It was my 3rd one. I love them. It’s a completely different vibe than marathons. Super low key and everyone is cool. You just have to do your best to conserve energy, take it slow and dig really deep when it gets tough. 5 miles beyond a marathon don’t seem all that much, but it can really hurt beyond that point. I say you go for it! Which one are you looking at doing?

      1. Joey Post author

        Well you have to start somewhere in your ultra journey, right? I would say try to find one that closely resembles the surface or gain/loss you normally run on, for your first.

      2. Joey Post author

        Might be way out of your travel range, but the Destin 50 is a great race. It was my first and second 50K, and I’m going back this February. I think it’s a great one for first timers.

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