50K Next Weekend!

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I am one week away from my next 50K. One week of taper down, one to go. I’m excited as hell about the race and hungrier than a pregnant panda. Confidence is high going into it. I’ve put in a lot of extra strength training in addition to a good amount of miles, which I feel has made a huge difference in my running. Lately, I’ve seen PRs in the 5k, half marathon and marathon. Alcohol has been cut out for the last few weeks, so I’m not fighting a slight headache on weekend mornings just from the couple of pints I had the night before. My main focus now is to get plenty of sleep and to stay motivated.

This will only be my third go at this distance. But I feel really comfortable that covering the distance will be easier than the last two. So now I want to go for a time. I had a goal time in mind and I asked my coach what he thought I could do. I didn’t tell him my time I was thinking. Even with high confidence in my abilities, I guess I wanted reassurance. The time he told me was exactly what I had in mind. So I think I have a good shot at hitting my time I want. But we’ll see what happens

Hoping for a great race next weekend!

30 thoughts on “50K Next Weekend!

  1. Holly

    Awesome…you’ve got it and you’re prepared! I’m sure you will hit your goal time or maybe even surprise yourself. Is a taper for a 50k what marathon runners do for regular training? can’t imagine what that looks like. GOOD LUCK!

    1. Joey Post author

      Thanks! My taper looks just like a marathon taper and actually 50K training is the same as marathon training. I just have to suck it up 5 more miles on race day.


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