Found My Passion


Whenever you fall in love with a new hobby or activity you have no idea that it will make a huge impact of your life. You have no idea how much your life is about to change when you first get into it. Your world is about to open up with new sights, new friends, new feelings, new achievements, new goals, new challenges, new defeats and new victories. Just the simple decision to start ignites a whole new being.

I was absorbed in all of the running I was doing. Rising before the neighborhood woke up. The calm silence before the world rushed to work or school. The black morning sky filled with shining stars. Sometimes I was hitting the road just as the newspaper was being delivered to my street. There is something so peaceful about the early part of a new day. I was even memorizing all the cracks and uneven surfaces on all my runs in the dark. Midway through these runs, dark turns to light and just the sight of the sun warms you up. Running at this moment each day is when I feel most alive.

The weather was turning to Fall. It was a relief to walk out the door to the morning chill waking my senses from the thick humidity that swallows the South most of the year. Friday nights with friends were being cut short to get an early start on my long runs. Which I was fine with because I was doing what I was becoming extremely passionate about. Each day and with every run, I was beginning to realize I had found what I was searching for out West, a passion. Running was that passion I was hoping to find out there, but I found it right where I was. It came to me when I needed it the most and it became so much more than what I expected.

The training plan had me doing a few 12 mile runs and even a 14 mile run. People were telling me doing a long run of only 10 miles was enough for a first time half marathoner, but I really didn’t like the idea of having an extra 3 miles of unknown territory. Plus I loved going beyond the minimum. I handled the double digit runs very well. I loved the feeling of knowing I just ran 10+ miles and the feeling of being sore as hell. Going further than the weekend before was an awesome feeling.

After the 5K, I did my 10K that I had signed up for. I did this with two friends of mine. I had no idea what I would be able to do this in. I figured it would be around 54 minutes since I did my 5K in 27 minutes. The first mile we went out decently fast and I was surprised it didn’t feel too hard for me. It was a little fast for one of my friends so she hung back after that. My other friend and I just fell into a rhythm together. Matching each other, stride for stride. This was my first time running with someone since back in high school. I forgot how much more motivated you become with someone next to you. We kept a solid pace. At one point in the race we saw the next runner way down the road. We reeled him in like hunters and passed him up.

I was feeling great. With about a mile to go, I decided to pull away. But not my much. She was just a few strides behind me. The finish was nearing and I thought I had her beat, but with only a few turns to go, she took me over. I couldn’t catch her! But I was happy with my finishing time. 46:06. A lot faster of a pace from my 5K. I was improving quickly. Over a minute per mile faster. I was so pumped from that race I decided to do another 10K a couple of weeks later and a little before the half. I did that one in 45:43.

As training was nearing its last few weeks, the job I had was nearing its end also. I had nothing lined up yet but I was searching. One day they pulled a few of us aside and said they’d like us to join the company on a temp to perm basis. I felt honored to be considered and I gladly accepted. It wasn’t for what I really wanted to do but I knew it would be a learning experience. I would be doing customer service, handling calls about the devices we were setting up. They asked us since we knew the most about them. I was glad another temporary project was done and that I was moving towards something more stable.

Well the job came to an end and the next one was to begin very soon after. I waited a week and decided to follow up to touch base with the company. They said the job was being pushed back a month, so really it left me jobless again. I didn’t have to wait long at all though. The next day the employment agency that hired me found another job. I said I’d take it and hoped it would be something less mind numbing….

2 thoughts on “Found My Passion

    1. Joey Post author

      Yeah maybe because there’s no worry with stillness. Run the same route even just an hour later and cars, noises and fumes cloud your mind


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