Georgia On My Mind

“Well I’ve been down to Georgia.
I’ve seen the streets in the West.
I’ve driven down the 90, hell I’ve seen America’s best.
I’ve been through the Rockies, I’ve seen Saskatoon.
I’ve driven down the highway 1 just hopin’ that I’d see you soon.

Cause I’m comin’ home. I’m comin’ home.” -City and Colour Comin’ Home

I was exhausted. All that traveling and driving wiped me out, but I was still giddy from the amazing side adventure that we just did. Looking ahead though, I didn’t know what to do. Corey asked a few times if I had heard back from any jobs I had applied to or if that apartment complex got back with me. No was all I could say. I had to figure something out though. I still had a decent amount of money to buy me time until I found a job. But then again what if moving West doesn’t work out? Would I rather go home broke or with some cash?

I did some light job searching the next few days. Nothing panned out. A big part of me just wanted to be home in my own bed. I was feeling a bit burned out from all of the driving around. After much thought, I decided later that week I was going to pack up and head back home to Georgia. Jon was ready to leave too. He had a girlfriend back in Florida that he was ready to see again. He decided he was gonna leave the same day that I planned on. The next few days were spent in good company. Just taking it easy and drinking local brews.

After making my farewells the night before, I was on the road again in the morning. It was a little weird leaving Denver. I wasn’t really sure what I was gonna tell everyone that I had told I was moving. But to be by myself again felt pretty good again too. Having the time to reflect on the past month was much needed. With the mountains in my rear view mirror, I was ready to be on my way home. The day brought me clear skies and warm temps. Perfect for having the windows down and music blasting. I booked a hotel in St. Louis that night, to split the trip up. Jon had left a few hours after me, but decided he was gonna try and make it home in one shot.

I got to my hotel room that night. I shaved my beard that I had been growing since I had left. I had a huge bed all to myself. How amazing that felt! Laying there in my boxers I realized that it was actually the first time I was just in my boxers since I had left home a month ago. Oh it’s the little things in life. I slept in that morning with no rush really to get home since I only had about 8 hours to go. Which after all I had driven the past month, seemed like such a small time. Jon text me that morning saying he stopped for a few hours to sleep, but made it home in Georgia already.

I hopped back in the car and continued on with my air drumming on the steering wheel. Just enjoyed the last stretch of the trip. State line after state line. Getting closer and closer to Georgia. I was driving over the Tennessee River and just as I crossed it on the bridge, it felt like I had driven smack into a wall of humidity. When you live in the South, you usually can’t go more than a few hours without someone mentioning how miserable the humidity is that day. It is bad. You walk out of your house to your car and within a few seconds you can have pit stains. But for some reason this time feeling it, it was welcoming. It’s something you hate living in, but once you’ve gone away and come back you realize it’s part of who you are and how you grew up. It made me realize I was back home in the South.

Just then I was really excited about going home. Seeing my family in Montana during the trip made me realize how great family can actually be. So I was excited to see my parents. And it had been a month since I saw my girlfriend too! Even though things were shaky I was ready to get home to her too.

A few hours later I made my way in my drive way. The journey was over. For some reason I thought my parents would have a big meal ready for me or something. They had already eaten out for dinner and were watching tv. I gave my girlfriend a call if she had eaten or wanted to see me. But she kind of blew me off, which resulted in our worst fight yet. Feeling a little un-welcomed already.

I went back out and got some fast food to go. I unloaded my car after I got home and finished eating. Beat from another day of driving, I slumped into my bed that night and slept late into the morning.

(Night is falling. I’m in the middle crouched next to the creek. This was taken on a camping trip that everyone went on. Jon, Corey, Justin, Jon’s brother Eric and his girlfriend were there)

6 thoughts on “Georgia On My Mind

  1. Christine Hendler

    Hi Joey, I’m looking forward to reading all of your blogs in your table of contents but since I have me a sweet lil’ cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and LOVE Georgia, this one drew me. Thank you for liking my blog today 🙂 It made me feel so good to have someone read and like the things I wrote which are so close to my heart! I’m so glad to have discovered your blog as a result 🙂

    1. Joey Post author

      I love Blue Ridge! I always rent a cabin there for New Years with some friends. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading what you write as well

  2. Sarah Herrin

    I didn’t realize you were from the South too! I’m from Florida/Georgia and I chanced a move out to Seattle a couple of years ago. I love it out here and I definitely don’t miss the heat!

    1. Joey Post author

      Sometimes I could go for a warm day to thaw my bones! Yeah after a few cross country road trips I decided I needed to permanently move to the mountain west. Lovin’ it so far!


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