Going Further

“Behind the blue Rockies the sun is declinin’. The stars they come stealin’ at the close of the day.” -Gordon Lightfoot Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Getting back to Corey’s, I got my bags out of his room and move them to the living room, so he can finally have his room back. I open up the laptop and go at the job and apartment search hard core. I was finding a ton of jobs and sending off my résumé. I felt this time the job search was going to be quick. I thought the new place and fresh start would be the kickstart I needed. Even though all the jobs I went for were just like the ones I applied for in Atlanta, I felt this time would be different. Almost like the economy had no effect on this side of the country…

After spending a day on sending my résumé out, I spent the next day scoping apartments. I created a list of potentials, so I drove around checking them out. If one really caught my eye, then I’d talk to a leasing agent. It seemed like every place I went by had something that turned me off about it. Either it looked really old or it wasn’t in a part of town I would prefer.

I drove to one though and when I got there I just knew it was perfect. I walked into the leaving office right away and told them I was looking to move in there. They had 1 one bedroom available right away and they took me to see it. Holy crap! The view from this apartment was amazing! I could open my windows and right before me would be a beautiful green fairway from a golf course and just behind that snow capped mountains. I pretty much ignored the price of the unit thinking this was an opportunity to not pass up. The amount of money I had saved up would get me by about 3 months. I figured that would be more than plenty of time for me to find a job.

I applied for the apartment. Making it back to Corey’s around the time he got off work, I shared the news of me applying for an apartment. I felt like I wouldn’t be bumming on his couch much longer.

Earlier that day, we got word that our friend Jon decided to drive out West too. So if I waited a few more days in Atlanta we could have gone together. It was going to be a blast when he got here. High school friends reconnecting.

The next day I spent applying for more jobs. Haven’t heard back from any that I applied for a few days prior. By the afternoon Jon had arrived. So Corey, Justin and myself went down to Jon’s brother’s apartment. We spent the entire night drinking, joking around and having a great time. Just like we never missed a beat from the last time we were all hanging out.

With Jon being the new one in town and his brother taking the next day off work, we went on a day hike near Red Rocks.


And from that point on, we just got hooked on hiking around. It seems like every day we went on a different hike.

(Garden of the Gods)

(Pikes Peak)

(Eldorado Springs)

The apartment complex that I applied for called me and asked how my job search was going. I told them it was great and I lied saying I had a few hopefuls that I think would pan out. They told me once I got a job, I would be approved. They knew I’d be able to last a few months without one, but after that I’d be poor as hell. Maybe they were more realistic about the realities of getting a job during this time. I was still thinking my college degree meant something.

With Jon being there, time seemed to slip by. Day hike after day hike. It was just too much fun to stop. Job searching was on the back burner now. After a few weeks in Denver I realized it wasn’t for me. The access to the mountains was amazing, but everything else was just like everything back home in Georgia. It really was identical in most ways. I didn’t get any call backs from the applications for jobs I put it. And there was also the idea that I thought I would find my meaning in life and I still hadn’t found it. I was searching for life’s signs, but nothing came to me. Jon had mentioned a few times since he got there that he wanted to see some friends in Washington state. One afternoon he brought it up again. After a quick load of laundry and an oil change for my car, we were on the road. Not much thought went into it.

Heading north on I-25, we leave Denver going towards Wyoming. We put a Gordon Lightfoot cd in and just enjoy the ride. The sun is setting on the Rockies now. It seemed like the lyrics went perfect to the moment.

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